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Ashley Hallihan

Ian Bender

Shaunie Frontin

Chantria Tram

Owner & Casting Director

 Casting Director

 Casting Associate

Asst | Session Director


"There are so many moving parts to creating an ensemble cast. What's on the page and what the Director envisions, is something we thrive to understand and align with. When an actor can bring their own experiences while also embodying the character, it is the most satisfying thing to watch. As each puzzle piece connects, the story comes alive and I just love it. Every single time. "


"Casting is all about collaboration and my favourite part is when everything comes together between the creative teams and the Talent we present to them. Then I get the pleasure of delivering the good news to the Talent that they "Got the job!" 


"I love watching actors perform and observing different interpretations and nuances in their performances but when playing the same role.

I want to address the issue of systemic underrepresentation. I want to make a significant and lasting impact on diversity and inclusion, both onscreen and off."


"As an actor myself, I know how much courage it takes to put yourself out there. That’s why it’s such a pleasure for me to be part of the casting process and guide actors to bring out their best. My favourite part is when they surprise themselves in the audition room by staying present and playful."

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